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Marble and Stone Care


Atlas Hotel Services believes that good floorcare is an art, achieved only through extensive experience and supported by ever-growing passion. A marble floor crisply reflecting a cut glass chandelier instantly leaves a strong first impression, and they last the longest. Hence it is extremely important to continuously keep the marble and stone in good condition, not only for aesthetical reasons, but also to avoid permanent damage to its surface and structure.

Atlas Hotel Services has access to the newest cleaning technologies, state-of-the-art equipment, as well as highly-trained and experienced specialists. Whether it is marble, limestone, slate, oak, or any other high-profile flooring, our specialist and dedicated floormen are experienced in delivering that first impression that is so important to the guests. They are able to design programmes that maintain the natural stone floors in pristine condition every day and remove the need for expensive periodic treatments. Our clients appreciate that we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that whatever we clean, results are outstanding. Our dedicated specialists use the best equipment to deliver floors that reflect clients’ ambitions to create a complete luxury experience for their guests. In order to do that, Atlas hotel Services is providing a range of high quality marble care services tailored to clients’ requirements and specified time frames:

  • daily and periodic stone and marble care programmes

  • one-off marble and stone cleaning service

  • polishing, restoring and re-grouting of marble, stone and wood floors

  • stains removal from marble and stone surfaces (depending on type of stain and surface)

  • cleaning of any marble and stone floors, walls, pillars, fixtures, tables, counters, etc.

Prior to any work being done, a highly-qualified specialist evaluates the surface in order to provide the best options of care to the client.

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