Project Description

Audits and Standards Consultancy

A success of any established hotelier depends purely on the happiness and satisfaction of their clients. Many hotels use well-known international auditors, even though their reports may often provide inaccurate data, subjective results and observations on non-recurring behaviours, rather than reflecting true standards within operations. Quite frequently though, hotels also tend to use the services of an independent inspector, in order to provide an impartial, objective and professional audit, so it includes both observations from a guest perspective, as well as actual levels of achieved standards.

Atlas Hotel Services works closely with some of the most experienced, well-established and respected professionals in the hotel industry, some of which are currently consultants to royal families, heads of states, UHNW individuals, as well as hospitality establishments and organisations. Performed audits and inspections vary depending on areas of interest, as well as the extent and depth of the report needed:

  • Hotel Inspector audits (full or selected services)

  • audits of cleanliness and maintenance standards, service approach and intuitive services levels
  • standards implementation consultancy (new openings, as well as established properties)

  • management consultancy

Thorough report will provide a hotel management team with useful and practical information, as well as genuine and objective opinion based on detailed observations. They can then be used to focus on areas requiring more attention and further training of the teams according to reported findings.

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